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Hash FAQ


Am I fit enough to join the Hash House Harriers?

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You will need to be able to at least walk 5k with relative ease.

If you are a runner then we have runners of all abilities. You will soon find someone running at your pace.

You will also require a healthy appetite for beer.


Do I HAVE to drink beer?

Non-alcoholic beer and soft drinks are available for non-drinkers (Although you will be endlessly ridiculed by your fellow Hashers)


Where do we meet?

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A different location every fortnight but always in the Costa Blanca area, (usually Marina Alta) subscribe to our group to stay informed


Can I just turn up?

Well you can of course just turn up and you will be made welcome. But it really does help the organisers if you let us know you are coming.


What does it cost?

€5, includes beer and other drinks.