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El Camino

Notes: The chorus is sung followed by the first verse to start the song. The chorus is then repeated between each of the verses.

El Camino
Melody – Itself

El Camino, El-el Camino,
El Camino, El-el Camino,

Well the front is like a car,
And the back is like a truck,
The front is where you drive,
And the back is where you… (chorus)


  • You can drive to the brothel,
    You can drive it to the store,
    The front you fill with groceries,
    The back you fill with… (chorus)

  • Well the front is where you fuck,
    And the back is where you fuck,
    The front is where you fuck,
    And the back is where you… (chorus)

  • The back rides high,
    And the front rides low,
    I’ll give you a free ride,
    If you give me a… (chorus)
    You can pay with weed,
    Or you can pay with gas,
    If you don’t have either,
    Then you can pay with… (chorus)

  • You can take out classy ladies,
    You can take out dirty sluts,
    In the front you kiss them softly,
    In the back you do their… (chorus)

  • You can drive an automatic,
    Or you can drive a stick,
    Doesn’t matter how you drive it,
    Cause you’ll still suck my… (chorus)