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Nellie Darling

Melody – I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Wiener

Well your ass is like a stovepipe, Nellie Darling,
And the nipples on your tits are turning green,
There’s a thousand flies buzzing round your pussy,
You’re the dirtiest fucking bitch I’ve ever seen.

There’s a yard of lint protruding from your navel,
When you piss, you piss a stream as green as grass,
There’s enough wax in your ear to make a candle,
Why don’t you make one and show it up your ass?

Oh your breath could knock a buzzard off a shit wagon,
And you ingrown toenails exude a pussy cream,
Your nose hair’s long enough to braid in curls,
You’re every _________ hasher’s fucking dream!

Notes: The name of whatever hash you are attending is sung during the final line.