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Directions for run 111 ish, 

Direction Run 111, 13 Jan 2018

Hares:    BFW and Atame

Run :     10 Km  Walk 5 Km   Cost € 5.00

Start time 13:00

GPS:  38°46'20.68"N 0°04'21.70"W    (tested on Google maps)


From Javea head towards Parcent  on the CV 720.At T junction in Parcent turn Right Direction Orba (CV 715).After 2,75 Km turn left towards Murla (CV 719) after 1.5 Km at Juntion right turn Calle Cruz, FFCP 1,5 Km..    (Follow flour to car park
From La Nucia: Follow CV 715 to Tarbena - Parcent 
Possible restaurant after circle, to be advised...
On On,  BFW
Event Date Saturday, 13 January 2018
Individual Price 5.00

DB Run # 112 ish - Girl in every port Run

Fellow Hashers,

Cum to the  run/wank/walk/crawl or cripple hash. It takes us around the beautiful port of Javea, and who knows, dolphins have been spotted recently, maybe on saturday there will be some mermaids around. Semen Stains, you might have to make arrangements if you bring Snakebite along.

As always the walk will be around 5km ish and the run about 10km ish. This is mostly urbanisation run.

Essential Details:

Hares: Daygo the CB, Little Top and Double Top
Date: January 27th at 1:30pm (TIMES changed, so that Ballrat can make it)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Google maps:

or maps coordinates (just input them in 38.796940, 0.183499

Price: 5 Euro

Our cook Alpha B**** will prepare a Goulash, so we need numbers of the people cuming.

Please RSVP and let us know if you come

Event Date Saturday, 27 January 2018
Individual Price 5.00
Event Date Saturday, 10 February 2018
Individual Price 5.00


Hash Sat 10 march
Snake Bites Back on run 116ish
Join Snake Bite, Semen Stains and Heavy Breathing for 5km walk and about a 10 km run around the Benitachell/los Fonts area. Beware!
Saturday 10th March at 1.00pm.
Did you know that Charilaos Vasilakos of Greece wins 1st modern marathon on this day in 1896.....inspirational!
Also it's Chuck Norris' birthday.....tough guy, you'd think he was a hasher!
and Osama bin Laden could have blown his candles up today if he was still around.....what a blast that guy was¡
Cami Vell de Teulada, Les Fonts, Benitachell
Start coordinates:
38.744137  0.134390    or    38°44'38"N 00°08'03"E
Relocate  for circle  and rich soup  at  Calle Pozo 22 , Benitachell. You  can park ouside the house if there's space or in the big car park at bottom of road just up from Mas y Mas (Benitachell) on right hand side if coming from Javea direction. 
Event Date Saturday, 10 March 2018
Individual Price 5.00



We were gonna get you on the best trail ever, but according to ALL weather apps and knowing it is not fake news, saturday will be the worst day ever recorded in history of... you know of what. The whole f***ing day rain and winds (not farts) of 55km/h. So after blaming the RA (I hope Spoons is driving on saturday :-D )we had to readjust. With this forecast we will do an all urbanisation run (yes, so even the old, blind, limping... can try to run) starting from our house. If the RA manages to control some weather, everything goes as normal, but if he f***s up, we start the drinks in our garage and the circle. Afterwards we will have a stew, or goulash (f*** Ballrat :-D, you won't be there) or dog food, we don't know yet. Snakebit take the plastic plates with you.

The Walk will be around 5km ish and the Run about 10km ish

Essential Details:

Hares: Double Top and Daygo the CB
Date: March the 24th at 1 pm

Google maps: Our house:

or maps coordinates (just input them in

38°44'05.6"N 0°12'45.1"E

38.734787, 0.212442

Price: 5 Euro

Please RSVP and let us know if you come

Event Date Saturday, 24 March 2018
Individual Price 5.00