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The Doggy’s Meeting

Melody – Sing Praise to Our Creator

The doggies held a meeting,
They came from near and far,
Some dogs came by aeroplane,
And some dogs came by car.

Once they were assembled,
And signed the visitor’s book,
Each dog took off his asshole,
And hung it on a hook.

After they had been seated,
Each mother, son, and sire,
Some dirty little mongrel
Stood up and shouted, “FIRE!”

They rushed out in a panic,
They did not stop to look,
And each dog grabbed an asshole,
Off of the nearest hook.

So if your little Fido,
Must strain and strain to shit,
The only explanation,
His asshole does not fit.

And that sir is the reason,
A dog will leave his bone,
To sniff another dog’s asshole,
To see if its his own.


NOTES: There are many regional variations to this song, this one is based on what Lifa sings here in Chicago.