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DB #187Ish - The 9th anniversary and Rebirth Run/walk/crawl

DB #187 ish - The 9th anniversary and Rebirth Run/walk/crawl

The Rebirth run will include virgin trail, never run before by any hasher and about 7-8km (I have not measured, but trust me on length, I know what I'm talking about).
There will be running, walking, scrambling and maybe some swimming (if you can climb fences into the gardens, but make sure they have no dogs).
The mandatory Beerstop will be there, so make sure you are thirsty.
The walk will be about 5km.

It wouldn't be bad if you all look up some of the songs, especially as we have DA and Foxy cuming from Brexitlandia or wherever the roam now, JUST FOR THIS EVENT ONLY!!!

After the hash we will go to the Restaurant Los Alemndros del Montgo. Attached the Menu. I need the numbers to reserve.

The Start:

Hares: Daygo the CB and Double Top
38°47'36.7"N 0°08'39.0"E
C. Trujillo, 19, 03730 Jávea, Alicante

or maps coordinates (just input them in maps.google.com): 38.793517, 0.144167

The Time: October the 8th - Saturday 3pm
The Rebirth is a free Run/walk/crawl

Please RSVP for the food

Please confirm if the info is correct:
1. Psycho Bitch - Wanker
2. Ball Rat - Runner (although probably a wanker most of the time)
3. Headhunter - Wanker
4. C-Hunter - Wanker (definitely)
5. Rollback - Runner (well fast wanker as she is retired now)
6. Heavy Breathing - Runner
7. Hotpants - Wanker
8. Snow White - Wanker
9. Oddball - Runner (too old to wank)
10. No Name Mark - Wanker (Name might be cuming)
11. Foxy Lady - Runner
12. DA - Dead Animal - Wanker (It's probably too dead to wank)
13. Snakebite - Wanker (she has been wanking with others a lot in the past)
14. Lightning Rod - Runner
15. Rent a Slut - Wanker (it's in the name)
16. Moonpick - Wanker (he hasn't got the money to pay her)
17. Sensual Sleeper - Runner (she definitely doesn't wank)
18. Precast Prick (PCP) - Runner (nothing to say here, we all know it)
19. Double Top - Hare
20. Daygo the Cougars Bitch - Hare
21. Little Top - Wanker
22. Comes First (in future Cums First) - Runner
23. Posh Pimp - Runner
24. No name develish Lena - Runner
25. No name Lord of the underground Milo - Runner

Event Properties

Event Date 08-10-2022 3:00 pm
Event End Date 08-10-2022 7:30 pm
Individual Price Free
Location DB #187 ish - The 9th anniversary and Rebirth Run/walk/crawl

Venue Information - DB #187 ish - The 9th anniversary and Rebirth Run/walk/crawl

DB #187 ish - The 9th anniversary and Rebirth Run/walk/crawl

Location Map